Fascinating Skies

Well, it’s so nice when the worried and compartmentalized scientists take a break from solar radiation management and we get a blue sky over Vancouver, BC. At the end of the spray day, the white layers form an inversion layer that has a similar feel to this article’s description:

Temperature inversion layers also called thermal inversions or just inversion layers, are areas where the normal decrease in air temperature with increasing altitude is reversed and air above the ground is warmer than the air below it. Inversion layers can occur anywhere from close to ground level up to thousands of feet into the atmosphere.

Inversion layers are significant to meteorology because they block atmospheric flow which causes the air over an area experiencing an inversion to become stable.”


(When Aluminum Oxide or another oxide is used, the material properties of it could clearly lead to this stable unmixed air, which is unhealthy, and probably does not cause effective cooling, but blocks unfriendly UVA, UVB, UVC.)

Amanda goes on to describe the inversion Phenomenon sans SRM spraying:

“This can then result in various types of weather patterns. More importantly, though, areas with heavy pollution are prone to unhealthy air and an increase in smog when an inversion is present because they trap pollutants at ground level instead of circulating them away.


Normally, air temperature decreases at a rate of 3.5°F for every 1000 feet (or roughly 6.4°C for every kilometer) you climb into the atmosphere. When this normal cycle is present, it is considered an unstable air mass and air constantly flow between the warm and cool areas. As such the air is better able to mix and spread around pollutants.

During an inversion episode, temperatures increase with increasing altitude. The warm inversion layer then acts as a cap and stops atmospheric mixing. This is why inversion layers are called stable air masses.

Temperature inversions are a result of other weather conditions in an area.

Misapplied, the SRM can cause unstable conditions as described further in her article as well. Have a look. Temperature Inversions

I work with a new science theory that hopefully will improve this challenging situation. I think we must first start with a natural remediation technique to restore what we had prior to the damage to the Ozone layer. Please stay tuned.

Image result for layer of pollution over a city

This is a typical urban inversion layer.

Image result for chemtrails inversion layer

This is an SRM bank that will stagnate the air and have chemical fallout. (The scientists mean well, however- we should not forget this, the scientific data on UV radiation and urban/regional warming trends support this present effort.)

I will write more about this soon.


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