The true story of the atmosphere for the 3rd grade students and other beloved people

Hello, everyone, how are you today?

Well, today you are going to hear the true story of the atmosphere of our wonderful planet Earth, and how we almost destroyed our paradise, but our teachers made certain that how the atmosphere really works was not forgotten and saved us from much suffering and loss.

Wow, that’s a pretty big story, so let’s get to it and find out how we are doing now!

Some long while ago, many people learned that industrial processes could be quite dirty and unhealthy, and we all know now that these are being cleaned up. Two big reasons that this had to happen starting in the 1950s and even earlier is because it interferes with the way our living animal and human bodies work. Extra and unusual chemicals not found in your home or in nature find their way into our inside tissues and start to block chemical signals and processes that we need to have to stay strong and healthy.

Some teaching advised that we needed to accept a very high level of chemical contamination so that we could all live affordably together as our population got bigger. We now in 2017 do live longer but for many reasons not related to chemicals, but related to sanitation and clean water.

You all know about the carbon dioxide that came along with all of this, as a product from making our energy, which does a lot of hard work for us and makes our lives easier. You know we have learned that we release so much CO2 and other materials into our air, water and soils. The truth is that we do have to choose better large scale ways to produce our energy and stop releasing CO2 and other pollution, but it seems like it is not happening very quickly. As individuals how do we make certain that we get what we need?

Well first, we need to remember the truth about the pathways this planet has for the air gases first. Animals need Oxygen gas not only to breathe, but to filter the Sunlight up in the Ozone Layer so it does not damage our skin. It is also needed to break up the greenhouse gas Methane, other man -made gases, and to help clouds to form into rain drops, wash out particles from the air effectively, and make white sun-reflecting haze -to work with and without -our bright water clouds.

These pathways are at the root of our planetary system, and they are being forgotten in a true story of misguided chemical experimentation out of ignorance and fear that we took on by thinking that we could not afford to stick with the basics of Environmental Oxygen chemistry.

Now, some are starting to teach you the names of metallic artificial cloud formations, and scaring you about what they will have to do to you with chemicals to keep you safe, including blocking sunlight. Some of them proposed and did this without testing and without anyone’s permission, yet all they have to do is go back and look at the Oxygen. Remember the story of Goldilocks and the three bears? She had just the right oxygen in all the right places to make her happy and well.

The Oxygen holds the Golden Keys to the atmosphere, and will for a very long time. I promise to you today, that I will send you beautiful film showing this Oxygen system, from a few great people so that you will never forget this, and I will show you how to preserve these keys so you keep what was originally here and is unquestionably good for you and all other life here.

The only regret is that I could not help you sooner, because I encountered some powerful people who did not share in this understanding and they went above the governments of the world with a big case of tunnel vision, believing too much in “chemical hacking” of natural processes. Please forgive them after we show them the truth and have them correct their mistakes. I can promise you also that this will not be easy to do.

Remember, we need our plant life-and therefore,  Sunlight

As an example for the more advanced viewers, this review is instructive of how the best use of the solar physics of the Ozone layer appeared to be forgotten. Instead of looking at strengthening and restoring that existing layer, this was looked at:


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