My Bad…I know…But…

I am now coining it “Artificial methods Geoengineers are SCI-TARDS for not treating the roots of the climate problem” I deeply apologize if I offend any laypersons or unrelated scientists but these people mean well -but suck -at this work.
I think this is unnecessary-the root cause is 1* too much gas and particulate in the air-bring it down with ionized oxygen to ensure heat actually escapes and 2* Also-just patch the ozone hole & make the rays safe again-Naturally with ionized oxygen which is the basis of the Ozone (O3) molecule that has done this for Aons. 3* We can get this oxygen from CO2 itself by capping the stacks. The CO2 destroyed for this plan is worth $85 USD to every economy without using the carbon credits according to calculations. 4 These natural ions will destroy GHG’s everywhere they are contacting them to boot. 5 And they will modify the weather naturally- spread these words. This is the best solution so let’s get smart about this-the proposed extremisms and weaponization of geoengineering means our suffering and extermination. Please direct everyone to GC Green Carbon Inc, where this natural remedy and solution are being offered.



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