Remediation World Game Entry #1

I just had a look at the old history of chemical waste problems in Silicon Valley.

It would be good if they had a 130% Safety factor oxidative Dioxin and Furan compound removal system from their breached underground tanks that could also provide them with power and purified carbon for development as a part of new computer chips.

Here is what Silicon valley deals with:


A few 20 MW coal based remediation plants with TSS Systems would ensure that these vapor well gases could be incinerated in a double or triple burner gasification and power generation system that also generated electricity and remedial oxygen for soil and air quality. Their infrastructure would provide them a source of oxygen ions for weather modification and drought remediation, which would stimulate the economy. Ocean ecosystem restoration and fisheries revival could also be possible, and add another boost to the economy and regional self sufficiency.

Any current pollutant release problems for this industry could also add the same technology and all of these would have no CO2 footprint. At worst the carbon product is recycled and the US strategic reserves are conserved.

With Municipal Solid Waste streams and biomass, similar principles apply, and the metals can be removed in a liquid stream, conserving water use, avoiding permanent water table damages.

The question is do we want to essentially set these up, automate them with a modicum of human supervisions, and enjoy the benefits? While the amazing Mr. Bill Gates, a huge beneficiary of this revolution is helping millions, could we ask him if this backyard opportunity piques his sense of idealism, and win an endorsement at least in principle.

It had me wondering today.

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