Greening Earth Plan consultation-the wealth of everyone is meaningless as Biosphere expires

Letter to the billionaires

We have maybe 15 years left now and have set up, without interventions, an atmosphere which will take over 200 years to repair and be able to house and protect plants normally to support a food web.

Imagine now that Only 15 birth-rebirth cycles for plants and insects under the stress they are experiencing now, will be the finish line without intervention.

So, frankly, all idle wealth that is not actively solving for this problem within the economy is bankrupt on every conceivable and real level, and is just a pretend, fake number in a reality that is now dead.

The “scientists” who offer GMO for this cataclysm are telling you all that you will eat plant food in plenty that will destroy your gut biome and your reproductive ability, and the animals that will eat this will be the non-placebo-nocebo proof, when they also fall ill, that animal guts and digestion are hard wired for the original DNA of this planet’s plant matter. The bacteria cannot decode and break down or absorb without consequence, the GMO DNA- so this contingency plan is a deadly fruit.

Greening the Earth is the only option. It is a plan which must include advising the openly documented 1% of the world who think they own 70% of the wealth on a dead planet that they are bankrupt on every level. If they do not put their wealth into salvific action immediately with and for others instead of hoarding it, they will simply die for that hoarded wealth, and take countless other life forms with them, including their own children, on this titanic delusion of greed, please tell their children of this mental illness if you tell no one else- and I am speaking to the journalists of the entire world here in this consultation letter.

Do they think that their children will willingly join them underground for 200 years? Do they think that these same children are going to look forward to emerging at the surface to start plantings over again and root through all of the artifacts left from the Hunger Game killing fields to get by?

Money is like a body-mind complex in our world, it needs to be exercised and doing healthy things or it rots and becomes a cancer. To be bragging that you are fabulously wealthy holding $79 Billion in Monarchy family assets is not the same as operating with that wealth creatively, innovatively and constructively. So the challenge and the advice is this:

Do what Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal did with $32 billion to charity, or get your useless wealth back into the economy building the things and the contingency plans which will reverse the imbalance and system that you all “profited” from. This will involve re-greening the Earth and actually paying others a proper share of your ill gotten wealth from your rigged and poisonous system. Just think of how unavoidable the stench of billions of dead bodies will be when you are living with it for eternity. That is how accountability works.

My name is Viva Marie Cundliffe, and I said this to you today, on behalf of a great number of well meaning and beautiful beings who would find a way to forgive you if you see your hoarded useless wealth for what it really is at present- the worst curse you can possibly imagine. The only way out of this is to do some major evolving, become real cooks, REACH OUT, and execute a full pivot out of that deadly paradigm of false success you are in as quickly as possible.

If you do really think you have wealth and power-let’s see you do some real large scale good with it-even if you expend all of it- you will reap more life rather than more death on your unavoidable personal life accounts.




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