Monetize Waste & change the lending approach after obtaining damages

The economy very likely should monetize waste- designate it as our new resource and energy frontier and lend funds from a revolving account from a non-profit regionalized & democratic merit based system

As we see that the establishment financial system is relied upon by even the bureaucrats and scientists whom are products of the universities where the bought and paid for know how to truly lay humanity itself to waste as these scientists and bureaucrats collect their pension plans which exploit almost exclusively the technically easier methods to obtain resources: by conventional extraction and aggressive chemistry. The exploration science is so advanced now that the satellites are confirming that the easy pickings resources can run out before their equipment amortizes. What I find interesting observing this is that these corporations attempt to shield the downstream impacts and product supplier liability I will describe here, and personal anonymity through LLC law, shell companies, and secrecy.

Ongoing plume events are significant product supplier liabilities. We really must confront this although the suppliers will not like this. The consumers generally were not these apparently bright chemists, engineers and physicists who demonstrated the ability to accelerate the product-profit distribution process and were hot-housed for the earlier capitalists, whom have now gone into abundantly funded cronyism, who funded the universities, the scholarship programs and the “bright” students. I think this convenience bridged everyone else to our current consequences and we need to really look at some changes to this system, which I will attempt to introduce so that we can advance beyond to a less corrupted and more intercessory approach with less tunnel vision and management myopia.

Advances in waste stream analysis are improving with large programs for streamlining the capture from centers, but two main axes which need changes are the monetary system and the product life cycle innovation and design system. Second only to nuclear waste, electronic waste, which made fortunes for the suppliers, whom have not fully addressed their product supplier liability, again, in an ongoing plume event- also known as a pollution event. Lets place a few of these into a simple high level table below. Again, these are all ongoing pollution events, and thus to properly address them, corporate and government shield laws are suspended in order to present this root cause analysis in an accurate manner:

Waste Stream Toxicity Rating Monetizable Recovery Definitive Remediation Approaches Liable Product Supplier/s
Nuclear highest Via radioactivity depletion techniques and innovation Under development Utilities, governments, military, shareholders, lenders, PRFM, media
Oil High-moderate carbon Capped plastics combustion, downsize/arrest chemicals intensity Oil companies, refineries, petrochemical suppliers, shareholders, lenders, government, PRFM, media
Pharmaceuticals High Downsize and subsidize natural therapeutics & prevention Downsize the subsidies, change policies, re-educate, reduce adulterated foods & consumer products Pharmaceutic companies, Physicians, policy makers, adulterated product makers, shareholders, lenders, governments, PRFM, media
Combustion High-moderate Cap and recover Recycle and make high risk compounds inert Coal, governments, permit providers, shareholders, lenders, governments,PRFM, media
Biotechnology High Genetic hygiene and heritage efforts Slow and evaluate the R&D, products much more stringently Biotech, shareholders, lenders, governments, PRFM, media
Computing High-moderate Safe E waste recovery R&D, Real Electro-smog hygiene and shielding for bio organisms Better Shielding, pre-planned greener manufacturing, better planned chemical plume arrest Computer reatil brands, suppliers, manufacturing industry, shareholders, lenders, governments, PRFM, media
Consumer products High-moderate Reduce chemicals Biologically friendly standard actually upheld Each brand, shareholders, lenders, governments, PRFM, media
Communications High- long term Healthy lower maintenance, more robust organisms and individuals Shield DNA and its frequencies, shield environmental dissipation from devices Each brand, shareholders, lenders, governments, PRFM, media
Agro-foods High Reduce chemicals via gentler alternatives, natural ecosystem management Subsidize incentivize & invest R&D into alternatives Each brand, shareholders, lenders, governments, PRFM, media
Science Highest Give the natural sciences more emphasis, demand more justification and long term merit of hard & synthetic sciences Invest in more remediation of hard sciences experimentation damages, consider avoidance and better containment Each brand employer, scientist, shareholders, lenders, governments, PRFM, media

Now that we are all already more informed we can demand these standards and force them to become incentives and more widely proposed. Consumers are very intelligent, and have a keen sense of consequence and healthy levels of empathy. Our current environment does not reflect this well for us because all of this is cumulative and converging as a group of ongoing pollution events. Many of us have taken smaller matters into our own hands, by being thrifty, and saving items we think have value- in sheds you can find metal collections, jars, parts, second hand everything. It is time to tell the product inventors and suppliers about these and your own standards as a consumer driving the free market.

These are not frivolous liabilities leading to frivolous lawsuits that should be ignored because these products and activities purportedly gave you a high standard of living-they actually lowered it as they degraded the biological system around you- and none of us authorized that outcome. We all have a good idea of what we can do to change this and it starts with using our voices, taking the constructive personal action that we can in our personal environment and exposure, and inspiring and educating our families, friends and communities. Vote with your money, protect your people, animals, and plants.

It is time to constructively and logically re-educate those whom are actually liable for these damages, and change the monetary system after obtaining a forensic accounting of these aggregate damages from a non-establishment adjudication process so that money is not hoarded out of circulation by addicts who cannot help themselves. They are so overwhelmed and incapable of admitting damages, omission, neglect, incompetence, negligence, that they have rationalized mass murder as an acceptable option. Any conspiracy to reduce the population cannot even interpret the proven statistic that clearly show that if our standard of living increases, we clearly tend to stop overpopulating as there are other and more numerous healthy stress-reducers besides copulation.

I sincerely hope that this thought adds value and empowerment to your life. by arming you with accurate information that you will use constructively and wisely.

The one question I would ask in return is: should we continue to stand down, condone, ignore, wait out, trust, serve, accept, buy from or obey the liable parties who think that any judge serving in this LOTS, corporate contract law system at this time could hand down a staying action, decision, or proclamation which would make this information untrue, invalid and by that fiat from their mouth, convince you that he or she represents and maintains justice? If you believe that this is not possible, give some study time to this organization as we assess which parties are delivering what results into the environment, by way of adding a demonstrably damaging chemical remedy into the mix; ineffective, toxic geoengineering and consciously worsening the Earth’s living communities and societies:

In Canada we have the democratic Credit Union System. A few years ago I inquired about how to execute an international funds transfer. I was given a form and a very prominent contact: Edmund DeRosthchild, who officially handled those transactions at that time. That told me that this Credit Union had indeed been infiltrated by a member of the oldest banking cartel, so- I would say that is a red flag.

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