Your Individuality has been and is Increasingly Under Attack

Your Individuality has been and is Increasingly Under Attack- A Self Counsel Article

Yes, you should talk to yourself using the inside voice and your actual voice. It is a way to stay in touch with your self. If you don’t do this you start disassociating and divorcing yourself from your voice and your instincts.

All around us are the messages and calls to do many things that become eye, ear, and mental pollution that our subconscious works harder and harder to compartmentalize and delete. We get armored and fatigued. Others push us through the check out line, with no patience, no space to get your receipt and stuff, much less time. The narratives around us must be passed by in the bodies of the strangers bustling to their destinations.

But this all still cannot take away your uniqueness unless you authorize it. That special spark in you must be kept alive- even if you must only keep the tiny night light on. Through that spark is where you can connect to all other people. One day, maybe already, you as an individual, will serve something important because of it. It could be exponential in meaning or exponential in size.

Our sense of individuality is weakened by many forces and influences. The source of apathy is non-person like thinking- where “you” stepped out on something or someone. When you do that you do it to yourself as much as any other involved, so take caution. Alone may actually mean Al= (ALL) one =(ONE), does that thought make you feel like you are a part of something…you are.

The recent nationalist renaissance movements show that many people have rediscovered that they have personal power and worth. Just imagine if we all believed and practiced this as an article of understanding and personal empowerment paradigm. The fear that if we yield this to all others, we are taking a subordinate stance is not true. There is plenty of room for this liberal thinking even as we protect our borders and cultures, and allow differences.

To constructively and creatively deviate, edit, adjust, alter, redact, create, express, study, research, teach, parent, and conform in different ways makes you rich. To share it, and pass on the greatest of it to others and enjoy it makes you fabulously rich. Money is good, surely, but impact or value per dollar can vary greatly and have absolutely no proportional relationship to each other. The best things in life can be free, or you can spend your whole life and treasure to find them.

There is evil in the world. It is the polar opposite of good. Do your sorting and try to keep doing it because as you sort it, evil over there, good over here, the surroundings will get better for you and those close to you. Sort people based on their impact and intentions, and make certain that you are actually getting the facts on these impacts and intentions.

Share and receive your gifts and meet your obligations. Others will give you keys to pass further into joy and friendships that will sustain your positive passions. Negative passions will bring you disease, and a foreshortened existence. People who lie, cheat and steal can do these in very creative ways, so be observant, and where you see a little, look deeper and wider to get a fuller understanding so that you can sort it more proficiently from your environment.

Please remember to think your own thoughts regularly, no matter what they seem to be. Be in the practice of having your viewpoint by yourself, in your closet, your garden, your car. Think of ways to relate, to cross reference, to be a little more of a generalist, an eccentric, or even how you will stand by a tradition. All of these are your domains and realms.

Demand honesty and be honest and remember that you can say no to a great deal of demands that are not important or meaningful, especially if you have a clear idea of some good things you want to focus on and build and create to enjoy or share for others benefit.

I would say that, like many, I want and already enjoy different kinds of abundance, but material abundance that is great enough to make me want to just defend it so that I can be with it and just keep defending it is not going to make me a better person nor an example of success because I am withholding. I say this because I have experienced it. So, what is better than this? Progressing in the use of Logic in the pursuit of justice and truth, which always involves many stops in rich places with people rich and growing in knowledge and creativity. Your children are not your legacy- it is what you teach them that is.

And to boot, if we hold that mindset that so much is possible, you could end up finding much more than one key that you as an individual, who affirms and validates other individuals in the world, will be using to deliver and experience your special purpose or meaning as a fruit of all of the input you selected and allowed on your journey with all of us here. So, thank you, in advance for that positive special something, from you!

I believe that if you live this way, you live by divine right, as you are responding to the hopes and dreams in others hearts, souls and minds.

I wish you well if you do this or resonate with this kind of thinking- and even if you do not as the light of truth will shine everywhere needed at the appropriate time to free victims of deception or illusion.

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