Rulers and Patriarchs and Jailers Paradox

Some thoughts about an early and later life : interacting with Patriarchy

It is definitely clear now that gender differences have changed and evolved. But at the very base of home and reproductive life is the need for a partnership between loving parents, and close and loving role models of both genders as a simple priority for children as this will always imprint their minds, and needs to be well balanced. The contrast between boys and girls and the expected roles clashed with me in a Catholic Parish Kindergarten one day, soon after my small pox vaccination. I was waiting for my mother to come and pick me up from the hall, where on one side were boys toys, and on the other side, the girls. I just assumed at the time these similar objects were sorted and grouped together as a sensible filing example. (My Tonka truck had its place in my sandbox, and my one barbie was kept in inside my room at home). I scooted over to the boys toys to check out the inventory, these items were just more complex and I had not been told to stay out of them. My eye peripherally detected some movement while inspecting the toys and I heard a swishing sound…which as I looked up…was coming from the huge vestments of two very tall, fully uniformed Nuns. I was truly so lucky compared to others who were deeply victimized, raped, tortured, murdered, ethnically cleansed, mind controlled, trafficked, taxed, and dehumanized by this Church, under the general auspices of civilizing them, these two stated towering over me frowning and tut tut-ing me with as much disapproval as they could verbalize up and down for a good 5 minutes. I watched these powerful personalities do this and my “theater-radar” was born in that moment, which caused me to see the whole social engineering scolding service they were providing to society and for my ultimate cookie-cutter conformity benefit was not going to be acceptable. I made a judgment call and deemed this whole setup as one I was going to easily be ale to discredit with my mother, and spend my time somewhere else until grade 1. I constructively made my case from the neck up with my mother and landed some major one on one time with the most amazing well educated and accomplished woman in my family, my Grandmother. All women who have driven farm equipment, maintained it, and scratch cooked or built anything know that “all possibility” as termed by David Icke, is not nurtured by these institutions, which have espoused the division of labor based on gender, to attempt to make life easier. Compartmentalization and specialization have been promoted several different ways, and this is just one example.

So, into the family matriarchy that was my grandmother’s mantle I went, and saw amazing things in her store and studio, while she built societies and groups like the rock hound club, and took local and regional art and jewelry on consignment and sold very interesting supplies for crafts, while painting watercolors. She had left her husband after being advised that he had abused several of his daughters in a weird old, all too common idea that came from Europe about this. There was pedophilia-bordeline incest on the other side as well, as Federal MP Rona Ambrose is presently saying in October of 2017, we just have no idea how rampant this is, we deny, avoid and suppress the truth, which I will address here a little. (Maybe if you are Illuminati however, you cultivate this in a conscious manner and develop it into an industry? Current events will reveal the who, when and where)

So, the male gender has more red muscle, is larger in stature and matures on the testosterone hormonal axis. Females have more white muscle, is smaller, and matures on an estrogen hormonal axis. Men have an XY gene profile, and women have an XX profile. Women carry more code in the genes and men have marginally larger brain mass, but have smaller corpus callosums that would integrate their left-right hemispherically, where women have a larger hemispheric connection. I suspect that when women are gestating boys and girls on an alternating basis, in order to remain functional and to be relating and teaching the two genders, this ability would simply evolve so that she can serve well, tolerate both types of natal hormone surges, by having a few more relays.

The sex economy has traditionally been one where women are expected to provide sexual and reproductive access, and not a lot of cultures or people were able to seek their soul mates or divine complements, and set aside the brokered marriages, and horrible weddings where your hymen membrane blood was the climax and main public event of the celebration. Enter here also, genital mutilation, we now know that clitoral fertility attenuation/enhancement is very real, and discredits this abusive and ignorant practice. I need to ask, and to discuss the very pointed emphasis on the female’s hymen membrane which exclusively is reinforced, weaponized, by patriarchism. Here it is- do you know how violent this prevailing sentiment is that you almost all want to punch through that membrane with your “love tool”? This seems like the most important thing on your minds above anything else. That you would want evidence that you were the first plow in the field, never mind that some all too common abuser, pedophile or rapist may have beaten you there, and if they did it’s her honor that takes the complete brunt of the bashing. I hope that I am conveying how un-evolved paradoxically lunatic and histrionic this virginity trophy worship has been to see in its many variations. A penis hymen becomes an interesting idea as something to ask a biotechnologist to design? This was just expressed to make the issue clearer, not to call for a device.

Sex, I thought, was for intimate and loving spiritual union and children, gifts that exist from the heart upward, and call for values which transcend brutish ideas. Men could do better by focusing on the fact that having a commitment from his spouse to share her furnace of creation with all of the risks that entails, with him, as the real top of the mountain. Thinking in terms more like that, from the neck up, from the heart upward, make a woman’s commitment easier and more durable, in a time of divorce pandemic caused by brain and glandular pollution and mental over stimulation and disapperaing stress management.

So, with the females, forensically, we used the dress code to increase the ability to practice feminine hygiene. It became also an expedient clothing to provide sexual availability, both are practical perhaps. Where it jumps off the cliff for me is when high heels, and body shaving and waxing entered the culture because I started drawing a connection to the popularization of hairlessness and the nubile look as a contrast to hairier males, but worse than that, we also have this pernicious mainly male based pedophilia psychosis, where the hairless childlike “nubile” bodies are also prized and targeted and I do truly hope that these two are and unrelated aesthetic but I think they are; as we now have science also that supports hairier specimens of both genders are sporting higher IQs, so, do men like the more docile less challenging partner with less hair? Dresses are historical symbol as well as a cultural one, and a beautifully crafted one is always uplifting, but they had a functional history that belies a somewhat nasty aspect to them.

Patriarchy and the jousting always available in male cultural venues has its great and lesser sides. I actually think the basic ejaculation process in a semen emission gets synthesized into some pretty negative ideas, that are extensions of this mechanism. Here are a couple of allegorical examples of penile extensions; guns, harpoons, arrows, certain missiles, needles, spears, knives, and so as we continue, these patriarchal societies’ self regulatory and deterrent tools are indeed laced with lethality. I don’t want to be lampooning my very fearsomely made and otherwise -very interesting-dear, and generally amazing companion of the species.

Men want to have a certain domain of ultimate responsibility, and will cooperate to defend this dominance across societies. Both subtle and overt techniques have been handed down through the generations and experienced by everyone. This dark side is counterbalanced by enough positive and wonderful men, that our normalcy biases engage and we women and children forgive and forget. It can be a long and winding road, however, when a partner insists that if you are not providing sexual access for spiritual or fasting reasons, and so you can go sleep on the patio with the cat. Of course we should always remember with cruelty, killing, war making, and other negative challenges, that it still boils down to the individual, and to paint a whole gender with one big brush is fascist thinking at the foundation.

That is not unlike insisting that a public crotch check at every wedding gathering is the main event, is humane, psychologically advisable, morally superior, and celebrative of a life and family covenant between a man and a woman focused on the future. If we have not seen that character, vibrant and healthy genes, and good brains are not in a realistic way reflected in an intact hymen, but more likely a cuckolded, chatteled, pliant and afraid one- (in the mind at the other end of that hymen region), it is possible that the “publicly confirmed missing hymens” were stolen by the same purveyors of this acculturated “virtue test”, and a full blown societal cover up is operating. If a hymen has value…it is subject to crimes of abuse and a black market-you can count on it…probably at a 60% disappearance rate. We are just not that good! If we really want to achieve that, we should eat & drink out of plastics, inhale lead, alumina, titania, particulate matter, eat too many carbs, take prescription and non prescription drugs, avoid good nutrition and exercise, never use a toothbrush, toilet paper, shower or soap on anything.

Rape, incest, human and child trafficking, forced marriage, forced dress codes, intentionally and institutionally lowered work and professional compensation based on genital type. We could say that this is all collateral to the dark side of patriarchism, and one would hope that it will evolve to a wide tendency to operate from the neck up, except in appropriate private contexts. The only ones who can actually effectively clear up this darkness, are the members of this same culture.

The traditionally advised human social agreement is to love one another in a fraternal and sorority way above all. Constructive and helpful behavior and positive intentions and services to each other, appreciating with symbols like pretty offerings, and food offerings, each of our toil on low level tasks. Cleaning, plumbing, diapers, tending the animals, all are more enjoyable knowing someone near shows appreciation. Love is enough as a motivator.

But now that we have computers, I think our quest for our divine complement, wherever they may have appeared on the Earth, has now become easier. You can see a person’s fruits and accomplishments, and their trajectory by about 26 years. More mature searches are more complex, but everyone has to be more guarded because the companionship warranty offered may not be delivered on, and we lose some time to those experiences, because a lot of them are quite untenable to sustain if they are too harsh or emotionally vacated, un-empathetic, domineering, boring, abusive, unbalanced, incompatible and so on. (There is still madness, psychosis and other manners of afflictions and criminality to contend with outside of the deceptions of television media, over sized governments and globalist corporations that need to be exposed and stopped)

If you can find that “Obvious on every level-Life Purpose” oriented match, it is undoubtedly worth the hero’s and heroine’s journey to find it. This is a thesis I am presently working with and I am convinced that everyone needs to be able to think their own thoughts, make their own decisions, understand what satisfies their aspirations, and learn from and overcome inevitable mistakes and abuses, because you are enough. (NB: No gender-ism intended within, I edited for ease of diction and flow.)

I wish you well

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