What about Black Holes as the Cosmic Event Establishing Created and Un-created Stuff

Simplified Thesis of the Black Hole Mechanism

sum G2 (n1 Mn) (n2 V) (n3 C)(n4 f) }= 1 exp n K prod (subatomic products respectively), + IR, +n1, n2, nλ n = (cn/fn),+ -G ≈ ≤ E k + c +c+r

It is possible that the universe is converting matter into cosmic particles and heat, contributing to the bulk negative entropy or removal of dense matter, and the increased presence of subtle matter in a cosmic scale sublimation mechanism. The D (density), the potential or polarity between attraction-repulsion, created between fully impacted, centrifugally affected matter and the vastly less dense subatomic particle production is pivoting on the general fracture point of matter, like a vegetable juicer, and it creates what is in effect a phase change to produce subatomic matter which is existing and operating on a logarithmically separate plane of physics and properties that can penetrate, move through, and occupy the same localities with dense matter. Dense matter is the constructed, fused matrix made of these particles, the free, particles that we know so far, can move in the vast porosity and interstices of the dense atoms.

Stars, which are centripetal emitters of light and energy, while centralizing matter in their fields, have a short term collapse event when they cease emission, that is probably because of the same physical laws and kinetics. The lambda products cover a somewhat different range of emission such as into the x-ray -UV range as per consistent observations as this reaches us.

I do wonder if further study into the density scalar phenomenon at work in the black holes would lead to another source of energy. Since they are the largest examples of gravitation, centrifugal and centripetal overlaid with massive example of spallation, as they anchor galaxies, they must be ensuring its existence, and it may be a field like product, and a complement to magnetics, perhaps we are dealing with a chimera-like, bifocal resonant state such as with the electron, which is considered both a wave and a particle. So, we have the focusable and localizable magnetic field line, its cross sectional engineering unit, the Tesla and G, the gravitational constant, which is maintained as a universal and virtually undiscriminating attraction force at one level -at the galactic center, holding a platform across galactic planes, which are associated with kinetic axes, which are, in this case, the black holes.

I’d like to hear whomever it was that started the rotation speak in person to get more information and understanding and I don’t think that merging with a machine is where to look for that connection. Complementary humility provided through artistic license.

I wish you well. https://www.nasa.gov/content/goddard/hubble-sees-the-beautiful-side-of-ic-335

Viva Cundliffe

Nov. 3, 2017


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