Gentlemen’s school a Curriculum Idea

Father 2Dad and babyFatherbelieved in me

I really loved my Father, He was a retired RCMP officer early due to illness, and he was an incredible all around sportsman. Even in a stressful home life, his presence was so very significant and memorable.

We of course have learned that women today, across a spectrum of feminism and suffrage and also chosen pursuits in iniquity, and women’s backlashes with fathers of their children are causing opt-out divorce to the loss of the children.  Women have two powers which are stunning: invalidating a father, and their no power as described by Mahatma Ghandi.

We do know that we are consumed by men, with their eyes, and other senses, when they are not operating from above the neck so to speak. Male society is very tough, it is the fons of highly dramatic aggression and physical power and tactical thinking, which can create a Camelot, or make war. There is I suggest, a need for a course on gentlemen’s school, which would have a curriculum designed by 60% women, and 50% men, but only delivered by men. We need to collaborate on our young men on some boy-girl situational analysis, to reset the bar in a world with an abundance of recreational opportunities.

Young men should know what sexualizing a young girl means in a collection of its possible ways. Girls have a lower IQ but if they study and exercise their brain, they can easily become much smarter than boys, this may be occurring in the school system now.

Personal security goes both ways for the sexes, and those issues could be addressed.

I suggest that a set of scenarios be provided for young men, to elicit their thinking and responses in a safe environment that is not the locker room, which I can tell you, a lot of up and down voting of girls happens, and is the foundation of targeting and labeling outside the locker room. which can get tragic.

I would hope that we would have gentlemen who would like to teach and model in discussing these situational questions, either as a group or one on one.  This is not to replace Father at home, but to reset peer pressure based chaos and loss of the tradition our elder men teaching boys. Also, exploring what do girls want today, which would reveal that life dreams happen from above the neck and anchored by the heart.

So, the format can be very creative, round table, classroom, written essay, multiple choice, video relationship puzzles, hikes and encounter camps, with follow up. I think that the light of community would serve young men well in this way. The school counselor would also be an avenue to provide expertise.

I think this kind of bringing together will also help resolve some primitive biases, and stimulate male community. Obviously it will revolve around leading situation to sexual relations and here, providing an understanding on wise and good boundaries. If we did not address the sexual part of boy-girl relations, they would lose interest , be cause I suggest that the current male culture does cultivate a viewpoint that females on a basic level are providers of sexual access, reproductive access, domestic management, but we do know now the list has expanded.

I suggest this because I do see the fruits of cultural grounding, in every culture. If we provide this frontal cortex oriented mini course work for young men, we of course would want to do it for girls. We have and opportunity to approach this form a cultural and mutli-cultural format, so that we experiment with relationship evolution and renaissance back to those values which are timeless.

I wish you well



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