Holidaying locally while on standby

I got most of the dissertation science for the oxygen based contingency plan for methane and replacing the possibly disappearing Ozone layer articulated.

A few ideas about spinoff optimization while performing this have undergone some great reviews. As a trustee I have been listening and seeking as many answers from different individuals. The scope of the technology is far reaching.

As time allows we will share all of the mutually beneficial and democratically acceptable opportunities. We do speak to interested private investors. You can read the broad overview at twitter feed: @GCGreenCarbon

If you would like to speak about private investment, please email:

Thank you, our team wishes you well.

I do wish to apologize for any inconvenience which this effort may have caused under my direction to any parties who feel exposed. Information gathering is a necessary exercise to ensure we are assisting appropriate people.

We did do a rapid disclosure to Mr. David Wilcox, Kerry Lynn Cassidy of Project Camelot, and Alex Jones of Infowars to ensure jurisprudence and unbiased communication outside the mainstream realm for several reasons. The primary reason is that these leaders have a small business style integrity which has entirely disappeared from media conglomerates. We do hope that this underscores how we do have obfuscation issues with our contingency plan. We are removing these as quickly as possible. Please view our Corporate Waiver of Liability at GC Green Carbon Inc website. Thank you



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