CO2 levels during and after the 2016 Methane blowout onset

While we may wish to give up a lot of hope because of the great volume of Methane we are going to release, some leverageable aspects remain. Firstly, a larger CO2 envelope will ensure continued warmth, and does not block sunlight for plant growth. The height where heat venting to space will rise making it necessary for active management and monitoring from more leveraged natural albedo management at the cloud cover levels.

The very potent clouds and weather systems are going to require professional activation to ensure clearance of ground based thermal energy along with heat trapped by saturated warm clouds that then will precipitate and provide heat releases. This is a powerful strategy to modify and allow heat escape.

With an oxidant that also has repaired the Ozone holes, cleaned up the large aged and ongoing pollutants backlog, we can also reinstate watershed and urban air quality.

The greatest critical path we have to take is to airlift OH- oxidant to the Ozone Layer to remove CH4Cl  and other refrigerant fragment molecules. Then, 2Km above this instill O2- ions to immediately supply UV protection.

The ions work at a 96 to 1 potency and recycle significantly. Lowering all pollutants will also occur.

Should you have further questions, please contact Viva Cundliffe by phone@ 778-809-1702

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