Combustion Based Vehicles and Methane Emergency

Based on a 1995 British Antarctic Survey Article which is in my archives? and the physics describing CO2 thermal conductivity in the atmosphere, it does look like we can accept higher CO2 levels but we do need to consider how high. So then if we cap larger stationary sources we would have significant reprieve on combustion powered vehicles. The emissions inventories are estimated already and can be looked at in this way: if all of the other oxidizable compounds and molecules are being removed this makes CO2 levels the only big remainder along with water vapor.

Water vapor as cloud systems can be made to aggressively and safely allow heat escape to the top of the thicker CO2 Column from the Methane event.

I also suggest that lithium ion battery self driving vehicles be considered for urban driving grids only and this will offset GHG levels while preserving freedom of movement in non urban settings. This kind of compromise may fit everyone’s aspirations.

I wish you well

Viva Cundliffe , PhD abd

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