CO2 relaxes us so is that a possible danger? What to do about lowered sperm success?


It is precisely because life has evolved with CO2 that the levels ranges are to be noted and when tied to some biomarkers, do we foresee any issues? It looks like sperm is a vulnerable tissue during what as been coined a mass extinction.

I will just make some simple statements and then leave you to review the peer reviewed references linked.

CO2 becomes a factor in cognition;

CO2 affects epithelial cells where smooth muscle is and relaxes them in an unknown mechanism,

I looked at sperm function and CO2 specifically as well: CO2 is implicated as an active related agent in reproductive tissues.

Dogs and euthanaisa using CO2 and reproduction with dead dog sperm and eggs.


Sea Stars.

Sea Urchins

“Premature Activation”? in Male human sperm?

Male Human DNA integrity issues seen with CO2 exposure times over 24H.

Rat Experiments.

Plant Pollen Across the Board.

This is 16 instances all pointing to CO2 across different works. Spermatozoa is widely known as pH dependent, and when released into the environment where its fluids are diluted puts them at risk, but if that planned change was set up to be manageable and now it is encountering issues, should we be looking at this?

Perhaps at these times the loss of life and the seeming DNA rewrite has this phenomenon partially at the base of it: species abstaining and others with an accidentally safe pH zone for their reproduction processes advance quickly. The flowers in the jungles that are widely blooming right now should be assessed to see if they succeed or fail to reproduce, for a flowering is intended for reproduction mainly. If they do it may be their niche and they may be a big exception to the trend hinted at here.

Viva Cundliffe






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