Kinder Morgan Emissions will Further Damage the Ocean and Here is How to Repair it

Every Year, 84 million Tonnes of CO2 will be produced by Kinder Morgan as mobile emissions. The ocean is damaged by CO2 emissions but we can repair the damage by placing oxygen in the ocean at the rate of .4 million Tonnes per year at the going rate of $230/Tonne, which is $100 billion per year. The cost of oxygen would come down if the oil industry invested in the remediation technology itself…wait, maybe they should.

Where in the economy we pay for the repair to the emissions-caused damage is an important discussion to start. Fossil fuels have a large and generous profit model that is too large in today’s environmental situation. They can now consider themselves informed in advance that the emissions from their oil products cost money to clean up with real clean up operations.

If we are ever going to balance the climate we have to perform remedial chemistry which often gets swept under the rug. Now we see that we are being told to adapt, to lay down and adjust so that business profits as usual can continue. Scientists and policymakers know that this cannot continue. Every aspect of the fossil fuel industry should cost, according to our remediation company’s (GC Green Carbon Inc.) calculations, 25% more to have than it does now, so that the extra can be put aside to remedy the damages.

Will the big financiers ever meet this challenge? They never knew that the remedy to CO2 existed by oxygenating the oceans, which is our main CO2 sponge. Currently work is being undertaken to move this technology ahead. We need to look at how we will fund this ecosystem service in the future if we are going to create lasing cooling ability on the planet. Geoengineering is only a temporary stopgap because we all know that Mt. Pinatubo and other volcanoes only temporarily cooled the Earth. What truly cools is solving the physics problem of heat removal and oxygen did this 5 times over at the beginning of each ice age. It did it slowly, and in exquisite detail we see it in the fossil records.

There is an enabling technology that can make large quantities of oxygen, compress it into tanks and transport it to where it is needed. I suggest that we have to go with the proven cooling solution found in our planetary history. Oxygen destroyed the methane in the atmosphere which allowed the heat to escape. Why not do this again to save us from more starvation, war and possible extinction?

For All Kinder Morgan CO2 Emissions damages, four plants of this size (75 MW) could provide the oxygen for the ocean to repair the damage to it from those emissions.

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Viva Cundliffe, PhD abd


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