Cost of a significant Oxygen airlift to 19Km

$17 Billion USD for five years, lifting 3600 Tonnes of oxygen per day. We could roll 3-4 of these tankers onto the C-17 craft. The PDF shows the costs I found online in Google for the craft and oxygen, and these tankers. I priced this out as an alternative to aerosol spraying with aluminum and other toxic materials that will hold heat in as opposed to removing greenhouse gases and letting it out. (see other blog articles for more information). Note: The top fossil fuel companies responsible for 70% of the warming and CO2 emissions could pay for this.

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Here are the notes: A safety factor was added to the cost for hardening the tanks for flight at the end.

5 yr airlift cost

Ozone Layer Restoration Calculation
Dobson Unit
2.69E+20 molecule/m^2
One mole
6.02E+23 molecules
Weight of Ozone mole
24 grams/mole
grams ozone per DU
DU/mole*24g 0.010724252491694 grams O3/DU
Suggested airlift 6 MT
area of ozone hole South 20000000 Km^2
Km^2 to M^2 factor 1000000 factor
DU missing from full layer 189 DU
g/DU*area* DU missing 40537674418604.7 grams
amount in T 4053767.44186047 Tonnes O3
Convert O3 to 16g/mole O2 5404888.13023256 Tonnes O2
Used Sept 2017 Dureading

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