peer to peer message from Viva=women need to stop having children during a global emergency

Ladies, this is the time to avoid pregnancy and children, and get educated and involved in correcting the mistakes that lead to overpopulation and bad quality climate impacts and inferior geoengineering methods. Every child born to the Earth right now is lowering everyone’s standard of living while we need to be concentrating on what’s best for the world, especially women.

A woman’s maternal instinct should be telling her that this is not the right time to be reproducing. The world is not in good enough shape the way it is, in light of the aggressively polluted environment, the mismanaged states, climate refugees, poorly designed cities, decaying developed world, and starving first world countries. No matter how good your DNA is, nor how wealthy you are, your new children are a liability to you and your husband, and to the society that you think you are benefitting with new children. We need you and your brain more than more children.

Children are wonderful, pleasing and lovely, even magical, but not on a world that is imploding, and your world is imploding right now. Inferior climate engineering and global warming are not finished destroying the environment including our food systems, and this is where we need to focus for two reasons. First, more plant food diversity and locality eases food logistics and secondly we need to convert CO2 to oxygen with plants.

Multiply through gardening and plants, please don’t be so stupid as to have children right now. I believe that your maternal instincts can cause you to lose touch with reality too often, and you have not been directing your say about a clean world to live in to your society, to your family, your spouses because often women have not been informed as to what is going on in the larger world. Please stop shielding each other from the truth about the environment you live on. Your new baby is not making the world a better place for quite some time, and what’s worse, the world is not in good enough shape to put children in it. The main power you have in this world is your power to refuse your partners offspring unless the standards around you are high enough; well look around you, beyond your immediate surroundings which is the intelligent thing to do.

You are planning to send new young people out into larger surroundings than yours into a globalized society that is in a growing and expanding emergency. At this point all we are giving birth to is “emergency workers” that will be roped into a raw and desperate struggle for survival in a devolved world. Please consider what I am saying and avoid childbirth.

Another field of endeavor is study and higher learning. Please take the time to do it, and do it for your whole life with the intent of benefiting others as well as yourself. Your informed influence is needed more than your children. Learn new ways to craft peace and administration in the world, and better environmental practices than the ones that brought us to the brink of destruction under the domination of men. It is your turn to make the change, but if you keep having children you are removing your own opportunity to pursue this directly, you really cannot do both at the same time, it is too much, as many women will tell you after trying to be a supermom, the quality of life is terrible along with the pay. Please boycott this unrealistic role compensation and consider your own lives first during this global emergency. The less new and helpless people we as a female gender are servicing during these difficult times, the better. Women come first, and this is how I think you put your priorities in order during a crisis-don’t add liabilities and innovate new avenues for your love to flow so that a better environment is created. Your life will be better if you take more time for yourself so do it-just abstain from the traditional playbook for ten years and see what it does for you. The quality of your experience matters, but we have run into a little global emergency right now, called global warming and we need able-bodied able-minded climate friendly people focusing on that, rather than children, to ensure that the biosphere is stabilized.


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