Independent Researcher Uncovers Globe’s Thermostat October 1, 2018
20 years ago, Viva Cundliffe uncovered a way to repair the Ozone layer if we ever needed it and she has been at it again. She is now planning a PhD dissertation about how to cool the planet using oxygen, airlifted to about 19 Km above to remove the canopy of gases that are holding heat in and causing the beginning of runaway global warming. Up high, oxygen is excited by the Sun and then it goes to work breaking up greenhouse gas molecules, including the ones that also destroy the ozone layer. “The only agent in the fossil record which has removed methane up high in the past and triggered cooling as well as ice ages is well documented non toxic oxygen.”
Cundliffe is proposing that instead of aerosol geoengineering particles being used to block sunlight, that molecules which are holding heat in be removed so that the heat can escape. “Heat travels at the speed of sound, 340 meters per second; we feel its impact every day and night because of the speed it can travel. To cool the Earth quickly, we just need to remove the insulating gases with oxygen and we have enough oxygen available to do this.”
Cundliffe has a science blog at vivacundliffe.com where she addresses different aspects of “the Oxygen Earth Conservation Protocol”. Her PhD dissertation is in the field of environmental engineering and she earned a Nobel Prize nomination in 2012 for her chemistry work turning carbon dioxide gas into a solid carbon. “Not only do many animals breathe oxygen, the atmosphere breathes oxygen to stay cool. The fossil record shows this in a phenomenon coined the “snowball earth”If we want to follow the guide of nature and established chemistry, we will use oxygen to cool the Earth as it provides a permanent cooling effect compared to aerosols or smoke. Greenhouse gases as we all know, warm the Earth. This summer in Kamloops we saw the forest fire smoke provide temporary cooling which does not let heat escape, so it is not a solution. The root of the issue is that heat has to be able to escape the atmosphere.”
Cundliffe is talking to policymakers about oxygen, and says that if we need the oxygen airlift, the logistics have already been looked at and it is quite affordable, given the seriousness of the global warming situation caused by all the gases and particles in the air column.

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