All techniques to remove GHG and heat are now needed

We did it, after COP 24 we now know we are on the worst global warming path for a few more years at least. That means an 8C scenario trajectory is what we are on and the confidence is high that we have committed to 4C for certain, even if we act fast. We are going to need solar geoengineering, direct GHG removal, dispersed GHG removal, rock dust absorption, marine cloud brightening, cirrus cloud removal, CO2 capture and storage, renewables, ocean remediation, and afforestation.

We need to call for a global operations headquarters to be a clearinghouse for these Global Cooling operations, and to ensure immediate funding. This would be the only global commons that needs global protection and cooperation because if we do not do this, we are brokering our extinction. We need to ask for these techniques to be treated as an emergency need at the local and international levels now.

Scientific blindness in a few leaders is a real condition, it is a mental deficiency and sometimes a criminal neglect. We need to sideline these people immediately. Of course the most wealthy countries are going to have trouble admitting that they consume too much, of course, but they need to address the stark alternative.


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