We have to face up to the methane removal problem

When it comes to the 10 year window to 1.5C we have to face up to the prospect that 1.5C of warming will trigger between 50 and 500GT methane fully out of the Arctic. As for methane arresting technology, I suggest that given the data, no half measures in dealing with this problem, will suffice. We have to scale up technology to address this problem, or face certain death. I realize that people feel they have too much adversity with climate damages in January of 2019 already, but if we do not scale up, we will have the end of the world as Dr. Guy Mcpherson teaches. Here is a video of his below.

This 2013 Guardian article is wort a review: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/earth-insight/2013/aug/05/7-facts-need-to-know-arctic-methane-time-bomb



Viva Cundliffe, CEO
We localize the removal of dangerous greenhouse gases and pollutants from your community for your successful survival.

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