Avoid 1C of warming and take 1C of cooling

We could reverse 2’C of warming and avoid 2’C total of warming by having hydroxyl radicals working to remove reactive GHGs according to a couple of peer reviewed papers. I have dug deep to locate what gives the most accurate picture of what we can do with hydroxyl radicals.

Table 3 shows that 2’C of warming to 2100 can be removed with reactive GHG controls 2010-2100. Extra triggered methane problems of 1’c are dealt with also.

2C cooling table

(Arctic methane, Elena Dyupina a & Andre van Amstel a Journal of integrative environmental sciences.)

Figure 3 shows that a full degree of warming can be removed along with the reactive GHG removals.

1 C warming removed

Impact of short-lived non-CO2 mitigation on carbon budgets for stabilizing global warming, Joeri Rogelj1,2, Malte Meinshausen3,4, Michiel Schaeffer5,6, Reto Knutti2 and Keywan Riahi1,

According to peer reviewed science, we can reverse the 1’C we have now, and reverse any additional warming impact up to about a degree. This technology can be deployed now.


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