Carbon budgeting possibilities

An integrated  equitable Carbon economy is needed based on the actual carbon budget left globally, and here are a few very basic concepts that could be written into a society plan. It can be dry run for educational and testing purposes before it is fully implemented because we do have the computing power. This is a highly variable template of options.
1. Tradable carbon budgets constructed on a CREDIT card like system which are secure,
reloadable transferable, auditable and adjustable
2. Individual, Group and Community Carbon VISA, accounting systems possibly secured by block chain technology.
3. Personal Carbon budget based on preset lifestyle standards. People can check their budgets at different living standards
4. Each person can profile themselves and find their budget baseline, budget for buying or offsetting luxuries like bonfires for example. After certain limits, buying the privilege to emit becomes more expensive on a progressive or exponential scale because then the disincentive will match the current emergency need to halt emissions
5. Work and Professional Carbon budgets for commuting, air travel
6. Enterprise carbon budgets: Based on # working persons, FTE, commuting/non commuting,
vehicle/no vehicle
7. Family Carbon VISA
8. Borrowing rules, borrowing against future credits for family emergencies and family funerals
9. GHG Offsets Savings Plans
10. Offset Insurance-buying a policy which invests in offset technologies where liabilities like mobile emissions are hard to quantify, buying offset services direct from an offset technology provider
11. Offset project Investment plans, term deposits, notes, where investing in offset projects or services accrues a small percentage of growth in the credit at maturity
12. Assigning or inheriting offset credits-rules and procedures
13. Offset volunteerism, tree plantings, plant biomass credits, purchase & use of solar power equipment, buying bulk solar or hydro, carbon negative power, or carbon neutral power of heating, efficiency incentives
14. Offset technology loans, grants, investments should be incentivized with tax rebates, lower rates, tax reductions, patient terms to repay loans.
15. Carbon credit pooling for neighborhood, community, district, province/state/, Country projects.
16. Carbon sink development and protection, conservation, expansion project lending and incentives
17. People and projects which go over budget must be given lower priority/delayed purchasing power than those whom are getting their basic needs met. This needs to be phased in and scaled.

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