Carbon Karma and tradable emissions permits

For us to return to a stable climate, we all need to know that in an equal system, each of us can emit 16.7 Tonnes of CO2 per year, while we rapidly scale up direct air capture and removal technologies. If you emit more than this what you are doing is hurting everyone else, everything else and are wasteful and careless. All emissions above this baseline should be paid for at- or at progressive multiples of the full value and cost that it takes to technologically reduce them, not through trees.

Baselines for Tradable emissions permits
Needed CO2 reductions according to science for 2050
2 trillion, 1 trillion dac 1 trillion reduced
Per capita
250 2 T/8B
500 T per capita
16.6666666666667 T per year per capita to 2050

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