Global hydroxyl deficit contributes to hothouse earth and we can intervene

Simple Calculator of *OH Needs
Airshed Constituents in ppm This calculator can be adjusted for any air shed’s constituents and show the deficit of *OH. With wildfires the deficit becomes extremely high.
CAP ppm  
CO 0.871
Sox 0.0004
CH4 0.2
PM 2.5 7
O3 0.028
Nox 0.0126 .010-.045
CO2 0>0006x 410ppm 0.24 1/100 of 6% buffering
VOC 0.32
SGHG basket 0.018638 synthetic GHGs or CFC gases
Total Reactant Flux 8.690638
(*)OH ppm
PPM (*)OH natural 6
added PPM (*)OH 1.1 1.1 , 2.2, 1.5,3
.25 assist 0.275 25% builds up in air
Total Flux 7.375
DEFICIT OF OH 1.315638 ppm

We looked at this for urban airsheds and see a clear deficit of hydroxyls, which calls for a remediation system. You would think that mixing with remote air sheds would balance the deficit, but with global warming, plant life gives off an increased amount of volatile organic compounds, which use up hydroxyls. With an across the board depletion of this main natural atmospheric cleanser, gases and pollutants are going to build up and it’s simply a question of how fast this happens, not “if” it will.

This will significantly contribute to further global warming if nothing is done to enhance the relative hydroxyl levels. If we enhance hydroxyls, they have the potential to provide 2’C of global cooling, which is being proposed by a company in Canada.

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