Aerosol Masking Effect Policy Action Deadlock Resolution

Perhaps the darkest chapter of our global warming emergency is the policymaker deadlock with the fact that aerosols and particulate matter are having a cooling effect that we will lose as we halt combustion, causing a rebound of warming and taking us into the 2’C warming category.

The way to address this is to remove all reactive GHGs and short lived climate pollutants with technology that emits hydroxyl radicals as we stand down from combustion.

This hydroxyl response would remove 2’C of heat if it were large enough as we shift off of fossil fuels.

Policy makers appear to be paralyzed by this problem of aerosol masking because emissions increased in 2018. We can’t continue this inaction and need complementary work such as hydroxyl dispersal to be started and scaled before we reach a global tipping point as the Arctic is in abrupt warming amplification.

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists have called for just such a measure as hydroxyl dispersal.

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