The aerosol feedback disaster we need to know about to avert

recent papers by have shown that we are in for a dire irreversible problem if we continue to warm. If aerosols are allowed to persist while we have greenhouse gases, the loop looks like this:

  1. Too many aerosols interfere with precipitation, causing drought
  2. Drought removes moisture, which lowers or removes the hydroxyl, reducing/removing the atmosphere’s ability to cleanse itself
  3. Drought areas will then build up with aerosol pollution
  4. There will be a drought deadlock, where aerosols will persist, making the area uninhabitable, making any aerosol based cooling effects pointless
  5. These areas will export aerosol laden, hydroxyl depleted air to other regions, enlarging the affected areas

The hydroxyl is the only widely available natural agent that is involved in wet and dry removal processes. A release program of global scale to combat all the ills of the atmosphere is needed urgently. The hydroxyl is virtual “kryptonite” for all the pollutants and aerosols that are injected or form over time.

Municipalities have access to a technology that produces a concentrated stream of hydroxyls to offset all greenhouse gases, pollutants and aerosols, even black carbon.

As methane and N2O is set to increase from the Arctic, possibly in runaway acceleration, humanity needs to be ready with the hydroxyl release approach operating.

This will be the only safe way to wean ourselves off of any aerosol programs that we are forced to use to continue masking the root cause of our global warming greenhouse gases.
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