hydroxyl remediation for climate inventor says it won’t be used until it is too late

I wrote this blog that you are now reading for two years, about the plan to cool the Earth with oxygen based science. Oxygen is part of the global thermostat. I also present to different groups to encourage them to apply the technology that can emit hydroxyl and naturally clean everything in the atmosphere including all greenhouse gases. You’d think this would be exciting and readily embraced as a major solution that will save lives.

Think again. This natural cleanser is being overwhelmed to the detriment of the climate and a bid to increase its concentration to help with the climate and air quality is being overlooked. By the time humanity is suffering enough from climate damages, the road to scaling this technology up will put the solution in the terribly late category, for having an impact. Be forewarned: I have been the only voice on this technology for 24 years. It is based on very sound science that for some unknown reason is virtually lost on everyone else. I am now convinced that humanity has a real death wish, because people won’t take up the yoke of truly helping their air quality and climate. One in 4 are sick from poor air quality and we expect 1 in 9 of us to be climate refugees, so we have signed on to almost 40%  of all living being victims of what we have done to the atmosphere and thus to ourselves.

My experience when even talking to governments, is that I am talking to teenagers who refuse to clean up their filthy bedrooms, and are going to stew in this filth until they completely endanger themselves. I want the world to know that watching this filthy drama unfold has highlighted the worst sides of humanity, from the siloed world of peer review, to the governments and universities who have passed the buck on getting down to being clean. In short the advanced segments of the world population have been the most lax on this subject, so don’t look to them for advice, they have failed you.

I am working hard to pinpoint what is needed to get this important technology up and running for society, but I want you to know that many people who have been given the knowledge have passed the buck, including politicians in Canada. Because I know that the wisdom of this technology is unparalleled, I renewed the blog for another year, but if you all knew who has been contacted and really done nothing to contribute you would be very disappointed in the number of names that you would see and recognize. As far as I am concerned, this global emergency has dictated that I not reveal these names in the hopes that some of them will still take action to help. To me this has become a very large scandal because we just have to look around and see what is happening.

Next week I will publish a 60 page dissertation that is a comprehensive teaching on the hydroxyl in an effort to uplift the understanding of all those who would read it. I have served almost completely outside the post secondary school monopoly to put together information that the school system missed which is a terrible oversight that could kill many. I want you to know that quite a number of chemists and engineers have failed you in serving the system that polluted this Earth without your knowledge. That you look to up them for advice on whether to do a proper job of cleaning this mess up the way I suggest does not bode well for humanity. People who you know are going to die needlessly and prematurely because of this.

Viva Cundliffe


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