Natural Sciences Geotherapy Association Founded May 27 2019

Natural Sciences Geotherapy Association Founded May 27 2019

For sustainability sake, the association proposes that all climate, environmental and weather modification can be achieved in a non toxic way using oxygen, water, hydroxyl and their positive and negative ions and associated subtle energy and physics.
“The consortium of weather, environmental and climate modification groups do not use or support unnatural chemicals in their approaches.  We advise of the clear dangers of locked in hard science, will encourage quality research in these clean methods, and encourage where possible, the replacement of, aggressive and toxic methods in use today which are inharmonious with the natural physics and chemistry of the Earth.”
The NSGAF serves as a platform for critique and debate, policy advising, education and outreach, and knowledge base for the members of the association engaged in the public interest, particularly where the public interest has not been served.
If you know of scientists, inventors, technologists, or professionals who would be interested in joining, please forward this link and email:
A list of the members will be public, and can be directly contacted through the contact address below.

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