Excessive windfall profits a major driver of climate and society failure

Everything on Earth is monetized which means that a resource from the earth is tied to that money; there fore, wealth hoarding is a form of gouging the resources of the earth. When spent, that money again draws more resources from the earth and system, thus, when we encourage expenditures, regenerative projects which increase resources should be the key priority. Wasteful conveniences need to be phased out as society stabilizes at its zenith, or fails.

We do not have to remove wealth, but auditable ceilings on it should be considered properly tied to the Earth’s resources, especially notable is the carbon footprint. Government needs to be at least as awake to this need as consumers are, and put policy in place that ties wealth to the environment, and quantifies its risks to the environment so that there is compliance to a phase down and phase out of these excessive profit models and large holdings. This can be achieved democratically and through both education, taxation, lending, sustainability in manufacturing, regenerative economics.

Who feels wealthy anyway, on a faltering planet, where our movements and purchases are hurting the environment? Being fabulously wealthy while not increasing resources overall is not just a moral issue now- it is a sociopath’s life of crime and deserves to be mitigated and if necessary, democratically punished.  Moderation and regulation in the area of profit ceilings is quite overdue.


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