Exactly what is going to happen to the Earth Climate

All aspects of the climate are going to get worse and be spurred on further by pending negative feedbacks until we have removed enough greenhouse gas to reverse the warming physics. The aerosol masking effect does nothing to actually solve the 150 year old problem of melting glaciers. If we don’t solve the greenhouse gas problem soon, we will reach one or more tipping points that will be exponentially harder to correct.

Aggressively investing in negative emissions technologies, as well as aggressive emission reduction are our only hope. If we are forced to use aerosol spraying, it will likely be because we reached a tipping point that put us into extreme emergency mode, and we may not be capable of sustaining it.

Please tell everyone about our hydroxyl dispersal technology for municipal governments: Municipal Government GENERIC Intro v 04 W FAQ

This is one major avenue for greenhouse gas removal. All options should be on the table now, and it’s time for real leadership action.


Viva Cundliffe, CEO
We localize the removal of dangerous greenhouse gases and pollutants from your community for your successful survival.

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