Physical Survival involves maybe 3 Billion People in 2030

We reached over 60% of peak oil, which was responsible for the population explosion, and now we will fall back, by starvation, to about the richest and best placed 3 billion of us. In order to continue, we will need to have avoided a temperature tipping point of 3C.

For us to succeed, we must remove all GHGs as soon as possible through removal and destruction. We offer hydroxyl radicals as a key method. CO2 sucking and methane sucking is far less efficient but we are now in a desperate situation and may require these regardless.

Do we all care that over half of us are going to die before we stabilize with a completely different resource management system than what we have now. We do not have time to.

Listen to Guy MacPherson now:


Viva Cundliffe, CEO
We localize the removal of dangerous greenhouse gases and pollutants from your community for your survival.

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