Real time GHG offsetting

There is a lot of criticism of carbon offsetting because users do’t clearly understand when their CO2 will be fully offset, or, it will be very slow. I encourage the offsetting market to make it very clear when the CO2 has been removed- a CO2e removal index should be adopted which reflects what we all really need- a clear sense of how fast this removal is done.

I suggest that an index of complete removal could look like This:

Offsetting Index Rating

  • RT-in hours
  • Days
  • Weeks
  • Months

This would empower buyers to affect the speed of offsetting along with selecting emerging economies serving the market. Combination packages may be attractive as well.

Real time technologies are still coming online. Global Thermostat and Carbon Engineering are serving with oil company backing and scaling up. Reduction Tech begins its 4 year pilot demonstration in 2020. We need real time technologies that can also start addressing the historical backlog of emissions while reducing the present net GHG output. remember, the biggest single contribution westerners make to CO2 levels is their vehicle, so try not to drive alone in the vehicle and plan your outings very carefully to reduce emissions. Remember- if we don’t use the honor system effectively we may have to ration fossil fuel to get better control of our survival!

Viva Cundliffe, PhD abd, CEO, Reduction Tech


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