Two more Hydroxyl Setbacks

The Hydroxyl has an added Chemistry and Physics problem with aerosol pollution. Firstly the hydroxyl is known to attach to aerosols of any size, so if they are present they are indirectly using up hydroxyl that ordinarliy could be oxidizing methane. We know that methane levels have accelerated since 2007. The physics problem we need to be aware of as well is that long wave infrared radiation escape is blocked to an GWP CO2 equivalent of 5-7 CO2e/Tonne. The global shortwave radiation dimming effect of aerosol is a net 150% stronger than this warming, so does modestly land on the cooling side. We must remember that all of the global combustion creating the aerosol cannot be justified because of its CO2, which can be removed by hydroxyl in water as the hydroxyl can serve as the carbonate buffer. We need to remove all GHGs from the air that we can ASAP.

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