Professionals and Politicians are Responsible for the Climate Disaster

I’m calling you All Out on the Climate Change Emergency

Engineers, Chemists, Government Regulators, Politicians, Natural Scientists, Physicists, Biologists in their majority had a huge hand in our present climate situation. Since 1905 the Vaux family was photographing lost glacier ice in North America, knowing back then that industrial effluent was the cause. Since the moment I was informed about this I have been working to fight this trend by working to find a good way to counter global warming. For ten years as a lay person, I lived in fear, having my sense of security stolen, and I know that many 50-somethings around the world will say the same thing.

The scientists and leaders I just mentioned did not convey or openly acknowledge reality for very selfish reasons. They wanted to keep their upper middle class jobs. Well, look where that got us…now we all have to down size in a rather sudden manner! All of you whom the public relied upon that held your tongues, shame on you! You really are not professionals for what you have collectively omitted with only a few exceptions.

Yes, only a small percentage actually have been brave enough to detail their findings before the peer reviewed pressure to downplay negative consequences was outstripped by people dying and losing their homes and crops. Dr. James Hansen, upon confirming the reality immediately began conveying it back in 1986. Only a few scientists can be credited in this way, however, and it certainly is NOT for a lack of evidence.

So many of the upper middle class establishment that I have mentioned have flown to the opposite hemisphere within 14 hours, and thus know how truly small and limited the planet is. This immediately should have informed them that the planet and its resources are limited, and attuning to these limits was only done openly by a fraction of you! Much credit goes to the world resource sensitive organizations which are still today teaching about the massive injustices that the developed world has inflicted upon the rest.

The pinky ring that so many professional engineers wear, along with a growing number of Chemists, remind them of inferior work and the need to have high standards. Well huge numbers of Engineers have been running the combustion systems on Earth and have not been teaching the necessary replacements! Those engineers and the pro-chemical industry Chemists severely failed society and humanity and need to be told that they failed us. You failed society. Change what you are doing and saying quickly now! Don’t participate in bad effluent practices because it is the wrong thing to do for life on Earth.

You who made a good living as a science whiz in your special area and got a government or industry job….you failed society miserably until only very recently. Make sure that you never do this again. Your reticence cost lives and property, and maybe our existence.

Poeple like me were given a tin foil hat for worrying and expressing concern over the “acceptable filth” you as regulators are allowing in society-even now! The apparent collusion between government and industry on acceptable pollution has been completely wrong, and the good contingent is slowly stepping up. Always remember your hesitations caused a huge environmental disaster and your “complicity” screwed subsequent generations. I want you to know that before you go to your graves. You had a negative impact while in your comfortable jobs! Now it’s time for you to help reverse pollution, especially government regulators. Your acceptable levels are not acceptable. It is time to reduce chemicals everywhere across the board. Get off your thumbs immediately! People should not trust you because you whom I have identified have failed us and should be stripped of your pay, professionalism and respect until you have changed the disastrous trajectory of human destiny that you caused as a group.

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