Authoritative decisionmaking for climate solutions needed

On October 18, 2019 I received a note from that there were another 800+ papers about geoengineering. This abundant innovation is now ready to be looked at by at least one authoritative, fully financed group acting for the public good. We have the IPCC but they are not mandated to short list and pay for solutions they fund developing nations initiatives. For the big technology or Earth works approaches, we need the ideas short listed in a fair way so that a proper focus is brought to the fight against climate change.

At GC Green Carbon Inc,, we offer a full GHG removal technology packaged for Municipal governments that treat the air as an infrastructure item. Municipalities can remove all GHGs all at once including CO2, while improving general air quality. Since Municipalities are accounting their carbon, they can project what their emissions gap is and use our technology to meet or exceed it. Learn more about our technology at . The planned pilot plant is almost fully funded.

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