Climate Deniers: How much of the atmosphere have we sucked?

It looks like we have about a 10% allowance in the system for our administrative screw up with combustion. The problem is that it certainly is no more and we can see the leading edge of our mistake now. I made this graph for the climate deniers as well as others. The idea you should get is just to see how powerful humanity is on the very limited Earth system now:

Above is the peer reviewed projection of our oxygen use but the graph does not reflect the total as the first graph does. Scientist call this a budget because it simply is what we have out there for oxygen. Note also that 10% of the atmosphere as both nitrogen and oxygen has been forced through our power operations. Let’s note that at these levels, the hydroxyl has been swamped five times over, which is exponential, and which means nature gave us a safety factor of five on this, so take note-we are done! We have to pare down-and fast!

If you want to know more about the very dangerous tipping point of the hydroxyl situation, read this:

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