The Kings finally wake up to Climate Chaos

Now that Charles is finally openly worried about the kind of world he is leaving to his grandkids, showing he really did not dig into the science responsibly enough 20 years ago when others were and he was fully informed, we have royal funds. Now this is supposed to become a “prestigious effort” now to satisfy the royal self mania and grandiosity. Don’t waste my time with advice to be satisfied that they finally opened their fat pockets…I have personally gone into debt to fight the climate disaster for over two decades.

The Royals realized finally that not everything was going to “stay pretty” for them as they float on their Islands of wealth in a sea of growing suffering. They had every advantage of knowledge and science that could have prompted them to prevent this disaster 20 years ago, but Charles did not fully grasp and hold on to the precautionary principle. Thus, we see that when really needed, establishment royals are useless, bloated, and complacent.

You will see that the first claim Prince William is making is that his work is the most prestigious- does that not make anyone else want to puke? Anyway, have a look at what he thinks he is going to try to do with a lot of help:

We all know that emerging solutions being funded 20 years ago would have made our predicament much better. These royals are very tardy which is being extremely generous. It really points up the fact that amassed wealth is a real detriment to the health of society – it always needs to be moving in a positive direction. So those who amass this wealth are actually hoarding valuable flow that should be directed much more aggressively back into the commons.

What we have is a class of money addicts, dragging us down.

A real solution available is at

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