Private Sector, Elites and Governments must go Carbon Negative

Millions of humans and species are at risk of going extinct because of our emissions practices and so this trend must stop. By having significant fractions of the private sector, the engine of new growth, and governments taking responsibility largely for public emissions, we can begin to reverse course.

Two weeks ago I tweeted to Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates, asking them to go carbon negative with their operations, and now I am calling for the same from the whole private sector and governments.

Businesses use raw materials from the Earth as they expand or grow, and must take the emissions into account up front or we will get nowhere with the trajectory of killing. The same goes for governments. In Canada I have found that no level of government has expressly taken responsibility for the public’s emissions, so the public just goes on with no means to help themselves. I am certain that the Canadian public does not want to be the cause of human and animal deaths if they don’t have to, and is willing to treat the polluted commons as a whole if possible.

The means to remove emissions for the public is available.

I have also called for angel investors in BC to go carbon negative with their portfolios. If a combined effort in this direction were taken, and all of the above was included, we would be on the right track.

Governments going carbon neutral by 2050 is sending the clear message that a vast number of deaths of humans and animals are acceptable as we hold to a high standard of living in the meantime, mollycoddling the situation as painlessly as possible. There is untold pain and suffering because of this message, arable land is being lost, and many lives with it, all because of us-the advanced nations.

It is past time for governments to deal with the public’s emissions through removal and reduction schemes that are more effective than the carbon tax and time fo businesses everywhere to go carbon negative.

Look around, local pollution IS global pollution.

Viva Cundliffe, PhD abd, ReductionTech

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