Industrial and General Productivity limits going forward

Well, we actually have to begin dropping productivity and stopping expansion through government health authorities, whom are tasked with protecting public health.

Governments need to ration productivity and expansion by creating an effective across the board 7.1% reduction in emissions every year for 10 years. Essential services may have more leeway than non essential, which can take a bigger reduction to achieve this average.

All investments, such as private, like angel networks, and venture capitalists need to be mandated and put on a rationing system to become climate neutral and carbon negative as soon as possible, holding these organizations accountable in detail and in writing.

These policies should have been implemented as we experienced the coronavirus. Now that we have the game plan for that happening, it’s time to focus on GHG reduction through two streams: actual direct removal from the air with technology, and emissions reduction through planning de-carbonization, de-growth, population reduction, and green deals.

Unfortunately the honor system was not successful for governments nor private groups and people, so we must wake up to the fact that this is no longer optional as it is a life or death situation, a real and present existential threat to all of us. Left-right politics is nothing but a distraction from what needs to get done now. We must globally launch into a GHG draw down right away. There is no excuse for not doing this and the punishment will be extinction level loss of a quickly shrinking habitat and biodiversity. It is now DO or DIE. Wake up your elected officials ASAP everyone.

ReductionTech, the most desperately needed GHG draw down technology in the world, where we say “Local Pollution is Global Pollution”. We’re ready to go, and just waiting for governments to come to their senses.

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