People have to have a global consciousness now

Well with COVID 19 and the climate crisis totally force everyone to be thinking at a global level, as survival, habitat and shelter is being taken by the mostly white western culture’s excessive emissions. This debt is not only karmic, is is a debt created from the unleashing of capitalisms’ cancerous white collar criminals. They dragged a lot of unsuspecting people along into their damaging selfish and destructive wholesale systems purely to push goods on others for the sake of profit. Before we could get policy in place to assess product life cycles, these criminals raced to fleece the planet’s resources, and leave others homeless and starving as a direct result from the excessive emissions that resulted in western cultures. We all now that the top 1% have not yet been fully reigned in and made accountable for their excesses and destructive business models. These liabilities must be played out in law courts as urgently as possible. No one will get out of this planet without accounting for their deeds in this area to a supreme being that has been generous with a magical creation and probably looks upon the Earth as one of the universe’s greatest eyesores.

We all have to pressure our societies to move in this direction permanently.

Viva Cundliffe, Eng., PhD abd

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