Message to the Wealthy 10%

As a climate strategist, environmental engineer, and Clean tech founder, I want the following advice to be on record, so that our urgent climate crisis is better dealt with. Firstly to get justice happening for the historical emissions floating around in the atmosphere, which is a liability for the wealthy ten percent, they need to divide their emissions into three categories, their personal lifestyle emissions, their personal operations, and the emissions baked into their investments, and then they must cut them very drastically and attempt to go carbon negative. Then, there are two liability areas for the government-industrial-corporate complex: first is the historical emissions gap, second is the present emissions gap, both need to be targeted. Simply put, in order for the wealthy to begin to address the debt they have caused by their large footprints, they are going to have to downsize.

Things like private jets, boats, extra residences must go into lock down and not used on a long term basis. They must take responsibility for the emissions embedded in their investments because they are liable for indulging on those investments. And doing things, like Royal funds for Climate solutions, Billionaire Climate projects must at least quintuple in size to be of any real leadership value or effect. Angel investors must engage in very stringent carbon accounting with their startup portfolios, or be held liable.

The wealthy should also consider giving back to governments and letting infrastructure investments happen on a very generous and worldwide basis. Tax payments could be lump sum and voluntary, and the wealthy should think more progressively in this way, which will help them move out of their acquisitive lives, to a life of more relevance, responsibility and meaning. Just doing green washing, with nominal sums in the tens of millions of funds is not going to accomplish what needs to get done if humanity is going to survive. I encourage them to start an accounting ledger for carbon conservation work they accomplish to protect themselves from future liability, because the liability landscape for climate change has only just begun.

They need to look at this graphic and do the math with changing this graphic to carbon negative in mind. I also want them to realize that the states which have allowed the amassing of excessive abundant money resources is justified in amending tax policy to recoup for the externalities which the wealthy are taking advantage of, and are not paying for, and, do most certainly owe money for. Governments that are funded do things like clean up slums, pollution, and protect environments and should be given their due so that this can be accomplished.

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