The persistent Ozone Hole problems and how to address them

The recent Ozone hole over the Arctic show yet again that science is still actually struggling with a very serious problem which can be addressed with another Oxygen Protocol.

We all know that the base chemistry is important and must be focused upon when thinking about how to address the persistent holes.

Here we see in the graphic that O1D oxygen is a major driver of oxidation cycles in the Ozone layer. The way this can be addressed is to use YSZ ceramic membranes to produce oxide gas. This oxide will serve perfectly an instill the baseline molecules including more hydroxyl and more Ozone within the very critical Chapman cycle.

An airlift of oxide gas in compressed tanks could be initiated to provide this solution. The main technical barrier remaining is to test whether oxide gas can be compressed successfully for this protocol.

This key part of the Oxygen Earth Protocol simply needs ceramic cells producing oxide gas after confirming compressibility of oxide.

Viva Cundliffe, PhD abd

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