The root cause of climate warming has 2 dimensions

The first dimension is the abandonment of billions of CO2 equivalents of emissions into our common atmosphere, totally abusing the services it provides. We all have done this, and must remember we are hurting others directly when we do.

The second dimension is treating the heating caused by the gases. The only way to do that are to remove or prevent these gases. We need to do everything to reduce the gas levels, which means that both approaches should be in full swing. For some reason, we have attempted only half of this, by trying to change carbonisation of our economies, and have left out the critical gas levels.

The present gas levels are a critical threat and part of the root cause of our problems. We should not point fingers about this being “green washing”, nor an easy get out of jail card. People will have to be deployed for the removal and so lives and societies are being changed. We have very little time for climate virtue signaling now.

We can’t let climate virtue signaling drown out the fact that we are in a great deal of peril and need to select emergency measures now and fund them to scale.

We will have to rely on some kind of science informed process at an international level-perhaps through the Clean Development Mechanism, which could be tasked with hosting a process, and having it connect with the COP 26 as major committee work sessions. I think there is no excuse left for this to happen at COP 26. We should virtually force these CO2 removal committees to be struck for COP 26.

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