The Snowball Earth Shows the Power of Plants to Radically Cool the Planet With Oxygen

There we have it, and so we add this as a potential big clue that this planet’s ecosystem is influenced by its resident life. They were a source of fossil fuels, using the free energy of the sun, and their extinction events have been very beneficial for us.

We have a higher CO2 level than presented in the above graph at 480 ppm effective CO2 level in CO2e, when the refrigerant gas releases are factored in. (Dr. R. Prinn MIT)

In this first video, I presented the Atmospheric Contingency Plan Oxygen Assessment part 1 and provide this important paper on the snowball earth phenomenon, which is well studied at

There are many excellent discussions on this and stem from a long tradition of multidisciplinary forensics in the area of Geology; these are available to us to have a real chance at a non toxic phase 2 in our battle with global warming. Subscribe and stay tuned.

Snowball Earth Harada_et_al_2015_EPSL (1)

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