Global Depopulation due to Western Emissions Excesses

There has never been a committee struck to discuss GHG removal technologies at the international level, like COP 26, but I contacted Alok Sharm the Chair, to finally ask for a committee.

This lack of policy action has led to a “climate apartheid” that must be stopped. This Doctor, camping in tree tops to stop TMX pipeline truly knows that we must stop it:,protest%20the%20Trans%20Mountain%20pipeline.&text=VANCOUVER%20%2D%2D%20A%20Vancouver%20doctor,Trans%20Mountain%20pipeline%20expansion%20project.

A voice of sanity.

Climate crisis already causing deaths and childhood stunting, report reveals:

The developed nations are entangled in a murder-suicide climate emergency that must be stopped:

Climate Change Is Already Killing Us

How Our Warmer and Wetter Planet Is Getting Sicker and Deadlier by the Day:

Experts Warn Climate Change Is Already Killing Way More People Than We Record:

As the Arctic Ice degrades to open-slush this year, we must double-down to get technologies removing the GHGs, and cutting emissions further-no excuses. Folks! There is a body count! Get on the right side of history and tell your politicians to remove carbon now. Deniers must be re-educated and re-educated again.

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