Think of how the West will Emancipate the Rest of the World and Itself From Climate Failure

We are now in a Level II Abrupt Climate Shift, which combines a 1.4’C global average temperature with accelerating and increasing numbers of tipping points.

The historical abandoned emissions in the atmospherics along with the present high daily emissions of the West are the key focal point issues.

Simply put, the abandoned emissions must be removed with technology.

All members of Western society are aware that their lifestyle emissions and industrial emissions require complete mitigation. There are only a few direct mitigation technologies to select from; therefore all of them must be furthered by public policy.

The fear of climate collapse needs to be higher than any other priority in the minds of Western leaders.

Some leaders are offering climate carbon neutrality by 2050. This is not appropriate to the level of actual danger, and science advisors within the governments are jointly failing the leaders as well as the public which pays their salaries.

A level III Climate Emergency may appear very closely on the heels of a Level II Climate emergency, where we have runaway warming either directly or through a burp of methane, ocean CO2 sink collapse or disappearance of clouds.

The time to launch all options that truly mitigate by defining what they are, and scaling them, is now.

Viva Cundliffe, PhD abd

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