How YOU work with hydroxyl radicals every Day

Have you opened a window for fresh air or to deodorize your indoor space? Have you rolled down a window in your car to get “fresh air? Did you or your mother admire the clothing dried on a clothesline because they smelled “so good”? When you passed gas somewhere, did you move away from that area, knowing the scent you created would dissipate? (to be fair, by the hydroxyl and by diffusion)

Did you turn on a fan to replace indoor air with outdoor air? Have you taken an outdoor walk to refresh your health?

These are examples of you working with hydroxyl radicals, which are found in ordinary air.

Did you know that the air around you is a working sewer system? Well it is! It processes massive varieties of chemicals including the CO2 you exhale and all other greenhouse gases.

It is now not working properly, why? Because the hydroxyl refreshing sewer system is overloaded. We were not meant to discharge the amounts of exhaust we currently do. We have overshot its capacity today by a factor of two. This fast-acting atmospheric sewer system is also tied to the Ozone layer, where oxygen, which is a part of the system, is tied up with refrigerant gases from fridges, air conditioners, cooling and legally prescribed HVAC systems. (HVAC systems are REQUIRED to replenish Oxygen/Hydroxyl all the time) These technologies, along with combustion “eat” oxygen and hydroxyl.

We are now confronted with the choices to continue, to lower our use of this beautiful, DIVINE, sewer system, and probably need to enhance it if we can. If we can add more hydroxyl, would we? What if we could replace the hydroxyl to a level that is now needed?

I think we should begin actively replacing and enhancing the hydroxyl content of the air to save us from certain failure as stewards. Have a look a to learn more. It offers a $10/tonne CO2e system that can be scaled globally to achieve the needed hydroxyl levels!

Viva Cundliffe, PhD abd

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