Features of A Hydroxyl dispersal to Safely delete Climate Warming Gases

Benefits of ReductionTech Hydroxyl Dispersal Technology

  • Nature-based enhancement of a naturally existing hydroxyl atmospheric cleansing system
  • Dispersal of hydroxyl rather than forcing the whole atmosphere into the equipment
  • Fully recyclable wear parts
  • The most carbon negative per energy unit used
  • Simple, easy to adopt technology
  • Produces the cleanest exhaust air to fully reduce the Earth’s climate sensitivity
  • Removes all greenhouse gases at once
  • Based on established 2.4 B year old chemistry in the Earth’s system
  • Hydroxyl is FDA approved for indoor air use in the presence of people
  • Has few moving parts and has simple O&M procedures
  • Exponentially less expensive at scale it costs $10/CO2e
  • No unwanted process emissions
  • Offers a small footprint at global scale uses only 8 acres for the technology itself
  • Boosts a natural cleansing process rather than straitjacketing or perverting nature with unnatural secondary consequences and residue filled processes
  • Applies as a universal pollutant removal which offers universal corrections of atmospheric chemistry, particulates and GHGs, while being harmless as it is FDA approved for indoor use.
  • Buffers CO2 in clouds and causes rain out as a solid carbonate, creating safe, permanent sequestration.
  • At scale, offers fast removal of unwanted heat trapping molecules of all kinds-all at once for approximately 1 billion $, rather than trillions.
  • It has an atmosphere-sucking option for permanent targeted CO2 removal, which will still remove all pollutants at once.
  • Sustainably Enhances the naturally existing pollution sewer-system infrastructure of the Earth system without additional consequences when applied carefully
  • Will be a CSA and UN approved method by 2022

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