Carbon Insurance Numbers for every person on Earth

This proposed temporary approach to carbon budgeting is reposted from 2020.

A carbon insurance number that holds your personal carbon budget information profile and history and helps you find ways to offset your carbon over a certain level has now become necessary so that scientists can manage the climate mitigation work that is being done and started.

If we don’t confront this fact, we are going to continue down the trajectory that is going to kill a lot of people and biosphere.

As a species we have to get control of our carbon demand and removal immediately. We all have a personal stake in this planet’s condition. It is time to appreciate this planet in scientific and thoughtful ways as a species of enlightened individuals. A global personal commitment to a livable planet by everyone is the last big step we need to take.

Don’t we deserve to survive? The sooner we commit to what is going to be delayed gratification and emergency socialization of carbon, the better off we will all be.

As the CEO and founder of a negative emissions technology I am telling you all this out of love for you and the planetary diversity that is left. There is no point in my company helping you unless you work with me to really be truly effective, because as of today, August 8,2020, you are not lowering your carbon demand. I presently see this as a demand-side issue.

The honor system for emissions reduction currently applied with individuals and with nations at the COP 25 level have failed.

Our particular technology can only reduce warming by 2.1’C by removing methane and synthetic Greenhouse gases once fully applied. After this, there are no second chances. The reason my company exists is to help you succeed and we know that carbon demand must come down by 50% virtually immediately. Our youth are fully aware of the need for equity, as well as many others. To stall a program of global carbon demand reduction is harmful to your fellow humanity.

Friends, the science has clearly shown us where we are headed, and what we have left to salvage, which is a significantly damaged biosphere. We are now all global citizens with global responsibilities whether we like it or not. We are now all accountable to each other whether we like it or not. We need to get on the same page about our global state.

Our carbon consumption is no longer a private matter-it matters to everyone because we do have an overshoot of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which we all contributed to. Our first mission as a global society, is to succeed at saving our biosphere for ourselves to live on. All other affairs are trivial right now.

The news media must join in this call to globally unite and organize a rapid emergency carbon demand reduction system for everyone, that is equitable and just, while we also remove the excess greenhouse gases. I know that if you were in my shoes, you would also call for these measures so that we can all succeed.

I wish you well,

Viva Cundliffe, CEO Reduction Tech

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