The Snake Eating Its Own Tail is a Nightmare Scenario

The Time is Here for Us to Stop Trying to Produce at All Costs and Just Do the Atmospheric Cleanup

There are Schemers and decision makers in industry that are trying to hold out for affordable atmospheric carbon removal that also turns into a merchantable product. After seeing the field of companies trying to do this, it should be clear that when it comes to the cleaning and maintenance fields, it is a prohibitively expensive pipe dream. If we think about cleaning in every area, waste capture has been planned, but for the environment, be it the home or the planet, the idea of a snake eating it’s own tail does not go very far, we just get realistic and open up our wallets for the cleaning products. This needs to be taken to heart.

The other extreme that was perpetrated on societies was the externalization of unwanted residues, the cleanup of which has been foisted on the taxpayer by big corporations. It is no surprise that the actual work of different cleanup needs is left to those who have the associated principles around being clean from the outset, or being willing to pay to remediate. These are rare peoples, and those who would do a better job are sidle lined by the angel investor class which is highly organized and biased for runaway profits seeking. Often, profit should take a hit for the sake of cleanliness, it is a form of denial that it is not a mainstream practice and paradigm.

The cunning that profit taking projects exhibited in their large bottom lines is not yet dealt with when it comes to different ongoing pollution events. Since many of the events have not been mitigated, they are still active, and governments would be wise to force these actors to pay as soon as possible, Let’s remember that ongoing pollution problems do not have a statute of limitations as ongoing events!

We need braver politicians who can legislate the prosecution of our polluters and make then pay, or, your politician is basically telling you that the taxpayer should be on the hook! They should know that not dealing with pollution as we go is very seriously more costly by their own admitted cost benefit ratios of 6:1. Even knowing this, they have not legislated task forces to litigate and adjudicate on behalf of the public purse, and this is a travesty that we all need to point out to our candidates before they get elected. The news media is so lukewarm and cowardly on this, it is a crime, and look how much pressure it took for them to report on climate change honestly. Scientists and our intelligentsia class have also failed us, all you have to do is look at the situation, early, brave warnings were not strengthened by a majority of scientists until 2017. Engineers, and Chemists have known how to assess the greenhouse gases since their first year of undergraduate school, yet only some of their associations recently took leadership and carbon reduction policies.

We need to elect leaders who know that the bills for environmental cleanup will either be paid for by the taxpayer or the polluter, and the correct payer is the polluter. This means that capitalism has to change by including pollution or its prevention as the price for doing business. Period. As soon as this change is normalized, a lot of problems are solved.

It is just ridiculous that people have been privately deciding that pollution is an externality-how did we allow this? The truth is we actually got swindled by a lot of high powered psychopaths, and now we need to put them in their place. Brave politicians thinking beyond their election time frames are our only hope. They will need to be told to legislate that the polluter pays, including the organizations like angel investment networks in their policies. The portfolios of all highly wealthy people must go carbon negative, along with their big footprint lifestyles. If they don’t the politicians are presiding over a murder suicide policy that will win out. Cleaning is an executive function in all areas fo biology and society and must be appropriately budgeted for. General cleaning will not provide repurposed products because the feed stock dirt is too dilute. The sooner that this is realized, the sooner things like a hydroxyl dispersal will be scaled. Not everything is recyclable or repurposed in the world of hygiene and holding out for really viable ideas has not produced anything affordable and appropriately low in engineering. Over engineered ideas can harm and cost as much as doing nothing.

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